The State of the Bay:
A Characterization
of the Galveston Bay
2nd edition

August, 2002
Publication GBEP-T7

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Cover Page
(Cover page only) (1,187 kb)

Forward, Contents, Preface
The Galveston Bay Estuary Program (829 kb)

Chapters 1-3
1: Assessing the State of Galveston Bay
2: Galveston Bay: An Overview of the Ecosystem
3: The Human Role: Past

(8,241 kb)

Chapters 4-5
4: The Human Role: Present
5: Physical Form and Processes
(6,180 kb)

Chapters 6-7
6: Water and Sediment Quality
7: Key Habitats: Marsh, Seagrass and Oyster Reefs
(7,709 kb)

Chapters 8-9
8: The Bay's Living Resources
9: Impact on Public Health
(5,687 kb)

Epilogue and Index
Sustaining Galveston Bay for Future Generations (674 kb)